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Ielts Writing Essay Max Band Score 9.0 - Education - Topic 2: Art or Math?

Question 2: The role of education is to prepare children for the modern world. Schools should cut art and music out of the curriculum so that children can focus on useful subjects such as information technology. To what extent do you agree?
It is generally believed that education needs to brace students for the demands of the modern world. Some people claim art and music should be omitted from the curriculum in order for children to focus on more practical subjects. From my perspective, useful subjects such as information technology definitely should be emphasized in school, but art and music still play an important role.

As a matter of fact, practical subjects are of paramount importance in education. Many of these subjects prepare students for the world of work. Information technology, for example, gives students great job opportunities in their working career. Students who major in economics and related fields have a high chance of being employed at well-known companies. Furthermore, there are subjects that serve as basis for students' working life. Math, physics, and certain theoretical subjects help to enhance students' cognitive ability. Without a good knowledge of these, it will be hard for an individual to work effectively and climb the promotion ladder.  

Such benefits do not mean those subjects are everything: an exclusion of art and music will surely lead to serious issues. First, these provide people with a sense of beauty, which in turns make their lives more satisfied and relaxed. Without music, for example, the world will be a land of boredom. In addition, the field of arts makes sure students can balance their logic thinking. If students only study science, chances are that they tend to ignore important values in the society and will focus on only the most prominent benefits: they need to develop an adequate understanding of arts as well to ensure their contributions to the society are positive.  

All things considered, it is of great significance to help students focus on science and related fields, but an ignorance of arts will result in an imbalance in thought, and an imbalance in life.

Word count: 309
Band: 9.0 

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