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IELTS WRITING ESSAY MAX BAND SCORE 9.0 - Education - Topic 3: Leave or Stay in Class?

Question 3: Some people think that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class. Do you think it is the best way to deal with a disruptive child in the classroom? What other solutions are there?
A large majority of people support the idea that teachers should have the authority to dismiss disruptive children. As far as I am concerned, this is not the optimum measure, and other solutions can be relied on.  

Forcing bad-behaving children to leave the class can be an effective temporary strategy, but in the long run it has adverse consequences. The most noticeable issue that will arise is the child's mental state: they will be shocked and lose face in front of others. In the end, they may become afraid and will either retreat into their shells or turn into violent individuals. Besides, this method may create a gap between the teacher and the student. The job of the teacher is to provide academic and moral education, and if the relationship is broken, this goal can never be achieved.  

Instead of using such a drastic measure, teachers can try other methods. One of the easiest alternatives is to have a meeting with parents. To educate a child successfully, the parent needs to join hands with teacher, and discussing the problem will produce the most effective action to take. Another potential way is giving responsibility to that disruptive child: making him the class monitor will surely change the way he behaves. Many teachers have tested the methods and the results were promising. The child no longer misbehaves, but even sets good examples.  

In conclusion, teachers need to make use of a variety of methods when it comes to difficult cases. Asking children to walk out of class is a counter-effective strategy after all. 

Word count: 261
Band: 9.0 

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