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Ielts Writing Essay Max Score 9.0 - Media - Topic 1: Violence in the media

Question 1: Violence in the media promotes violence in society. To what extent do you agree? 

There has been an increase in the amount of violence in the society in recent years. While it is true violence in the media can lead to that in the society, other factors are to blame as well

Media coverage of violence contributes to the rising level of social evils. Violent content on movies, news, and the internet can negatively influence young children, especially adolescents. Juveniles are not mentally prepared for such content, and when they feel excited by something new, their desire to try things out will be overwhelming. Besides, they also copy the style of violence they encounter in the media. Some young killers admit to imitating their TV heroes when they committed their crimes.  

However, the increase in social violence also stems from other sources. The most prominent cause is the lack of parental support. A large majority of disturbed children turn out to be antisocial, and they exhibit violent behaviors as a way to attract attention. Reports say that they acted out of hatred for their parents as they neglected them in the family. Another common cause concerns traumatic events in one's life. There are cases where a person turns over a new but bad leaf after a disastrous, shocking incident. Many girl fights resulted from a broken relationship or a triangle love affair. A great number of boy fights were consequences of some other problems in their lives. The core of the problem lies in the change of mindset as people experience these events. 

All things considered, it is fair to note the adverse impact media violence has on the society, yet it would be a more holistic observation to cite familial problems and traumatic events as culprits as well. 

Word count: 285
Band score: 9.0

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