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Ielts Writing Essays Max Band Score 9.0- Education - Topic 1: Teacher or Parents?

Ielts Writing Essays Max Band Score 9.0 - Topic 1
Question 1: Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools. Some people think that discipline should be the responsibility of teachers while others think that this is the role of parents. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. 
There has been a dramatic increase in discipline-related issues in modern schools. Many people take the view that it is teachers who should take responsibility, while others believe only parents can solve the issue. To the best of my knowledge, both arguments are reasonable, but a combination of both the teacher and the parent will produce the best solution

On the one hand, teachers have the necessary power to discipline children. The government in Vietnam states clearly in educational laws that the role of the teacher includes training moral values, and apply punishment whenever students fail to follow regulations. Certainly, most students are intimidated by their teacher, and will not dare to break disciplinary rules. However, there are still disobedient students who do not fear the the teacher's authority, and these still go against the established laws. This can be seen in cases of girl fights reported monthly in Vietnamese newspapers. 

On the other hand, parents not only have control over their children, but also an emotional tie. Although parents do not meet their children when they are at school, they have the rest of the day to monitor their children's behavior. Many naughty students always fear their parents and never dare to show any tongue-in-cheek attitude. Besides, the intimate relationship between parents and children makes it easier to educate them morally. Family gatherings, as well as private father-son or mother-daughter talks, can have enormous effects on children's way of thinking. The teacher may have great authority, but parents can get bad-mannered children to turn over a new leaf.

All things considered, to solve the problem of growing disciplinary issues in Vietnam, it is absolutely a must to use a combination of both parents and teachers. Each has their own strengths, and will complement each other.

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