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IELTS WRITING ESSAYS MAX BAND SCORE 9.0 - Education - Topic 4: School - Free or Not?

Question 4: Education should be accessible to everyone of all economic backgrounds. All levels of education, from primary school to tertiary education, should be free. To what extent do you agree with this opinion? 
It is generally agreed that education is a necessity, and a right for all citizens. However, I strongly believe not all levels of education should be provided free or charge

Certain levels of schooling can be freely accessible. Many countries in the world need to make sure all people have access to the most fundamental form of education; therefore, they offer costless education for children aged 6 to 11. Primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools can fall into this category. In fact, a large number of students drop out of school annually due to financial problems. If these basic levels of education are free, the overall skills and competence of a country's population will be enhanced.  

However, certain types of teaching and training must come with a price. Under-graduate and post-graduate education are the best cases in point. These are offered to those who would like to upgrade their academic understanding as well as polish expert skills. People who finish these programs are likely to make a handsome income in their future life. Therefore, asking for payment is reasonable. Besides, those who decide to continue this education should be well aware of the value of schooling they receive: if university is free, students will simply ignore their learning, and the overall results will be large-scale retraining. Fees ensure a sense of responsibility

All things considered, it is necessary to impose a fee on certain types of education, notably post-high school levels, while general education should be freely available to all citizens. This both ensures a general betterment of citizens' skills and a strong sense of discipline in students. 

Word count: 270
Band score: 9.0

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