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IELTS WRITING ESSAYS MAX BAND SCORE 9.0 - Education - Topic 5: School Uniform

Question 5: Some schools are very strict about their school uniforms and the appearance of their pupils while other schools have a very relaxed dress code.  What are the advantages and disadvantages for children of having a school uniform? 

Uniforms are a controversial issue in education: some schools advocate a unique uniform, while others allow children to wear as they wish. As far as I am concerned, wearing uniforms has both pros and cons.  

On the one hand, uniforms offer enormous advantages. The most prominent merit concerns a sense of equality. When all students wear the same type of clothes, there is no difference on the outside appearance. A similar look indicates a similar status: discrimination will be reduced, and rich and poor students will not be poles apart. Additionally, such a dress code will benefit students economically. Instead of worrying about purchasing new outfits every week, students now can simply buy a few uniforms and wear them all year around. The money saved from this can be spent for more rational purposes.  

On the other hand, wearing uniforms may lead to certain issues. The first cause for concern is students' loss of freedom. While countries worldwide support individual freedom, a uniform will prevent this: students cannot express themselves in the most basic way - wearing what they feel comfortable in. Furthermore, not all uniforms are well-designed. There have been cases where students refuse to put on their school clothes simply out of aesthetic reasons. In such cases, if force is used by schools, this will generate a sense of dissatisfaction, and the overall students' morale will decline. This in turn affects the quality of learning. 

 All in all, it is obvious that school uniforms come with benefits and drawbacks. 

Word count: 250 
Band score: 9.0 

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