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Ielts Writing Essay Max Score 9.0 - Media - Topic 4: The Internet Kills The Radio?

Question 4: With the development of the media online, there is no future for the radio. To what extent do you agree?
It is a phenomenon that online media is exploding all over the world. Some people claim that the rise of the internet will put an end to the age of the radio, but I believe this medium will be here to stay. 

It is obvious that the internet will reduce the audience of the radio. The cyber world is a central gathering of all types of information: news, current affairs, happenings, stories, reports, etc. can all be accessed easily with the click of a mouse. The internet has rendered communication readily available everywhere. In addition, radio contents are also accessible on their internet channels. People basically have the power to use to internet to tune in to their favorite radio stations.

However, the device itself still appeals to listeners for a varieties of reasons. The first attraction of the radio concerns the appearance of the object itself. A large number of people purchase radios to use not just as a source of information, but as an ornament as well. The antique look of antique radios, and the modern appearance of the stylish ones really add a touch of aesthetics to the decoration of one's house. Furthermore, those who have no access to the internet still rely on this medium for the daily intake of information. The radio is still a popular product in various regions of the world, especially in poverty-stricken ones.  

All things considered, it is obvious that the internet will lead to a decline in radio use, but the radio itself will still accompany humans as the need for information is endless, and access to the internet is not world wide. 

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