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Ielts Writing Essay Max Score 9.0 - Media - Topic 3: Famous people set good examples?

Question 3: People in the lime light have a responsibility to set an example for others by their good behavior.  Do you agree?

It is publicly acknowledged that celebrities should establish a positive image, as they have great influence on the public in general. While I believe a proportion of the population may look to these people as role models, I strongly reject the idea that they are under an obligation to lead a good example. 

It goes without saying that TV celebs have an enormous impact on a large number of people. If they appear with a positive image in the media, chances are that their followers take pride in them, and will modify their own behavior to resemble these so-called mentors. On the contrary, when these celebs go off track, fans will end up in disappointment, and will either support their idol or join the anti-fans. There have been examples where fans break down in tears when their idols commit child abuse

Even though these celebs have the ability to exert gigantic influence upon other people, it is not fair to force them to always lead a good example in life. TV personalities are, after all, human beings: and to be human is to err. Mistakes, slips, errors, and even offenses, are facts of a person's life, and definitely no one can be in full control of their behavior. Furthermore, celebrities are not the one and only source of image to refer to. Schools and parents do play a prominent role in educating a country's future citizens, and they can do a considerably more effective job. As a matter of fact, idolism is temporary, while education is a long-lasting process

Taking everything into account, it is fair to say that celebrities are welcome to lead a role model for their fans, but attributing a responsibility to them to be all-time moral characters would be impossible, and certainly not advisable. 

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