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Ielts Writing Essay Max Score 9.0 - Media - Topic 2: Good or Bad News?

Question 2: People have a stronger liking for bad news, such as crimes and wars, than good news. Therefore, many people believe that more bad news should be broadcast.  What is your opinion? 

As a matter of public opinion, bad news is generally favored over good ones: broadcasts of wars, crimes, and social evils attract a large number of viewers. While I do acknowledge the benefits of such coverage, I strongly advocate the broadcast of more good news as this establishes a sense of optimism in the society.  

Negative news offers certain merits. The most noticeable concerns the media itself. As more people watch bad news, the general viewing figures increase, and the field of media can benefit from this. News reporters, journalists, and correspondents who compose such news will certainly earn a more handsome living. In addition, news of this type raises people's awareness of on-going social problems. Without such coverage, the population will definitely be unconscious of the latest current affairs, diseases and criminal activities. This means they stand a smaller chance of protecting themselves against potential incidents.  

However, bad news cannot satisfy all: if more good news is available, a positive outlook can be created in the public. Firstly, news of those who make a difference in the society reinforces people's belief in humanity. There have been cases of philanthropists who devote their time, wealth and efforts to helping those in need, and such reports make people feel confident in a better future world. Furthermore, more goods news means a finer balance. Besides the terrible content of a disaster, for example, reports on volunteers rushing to the aid of others and on communities lending a helping hand to the sufferers will ensure the public feel safe, and that life is a combination of curses and blessings, not just adversity. 

All things considered, it will be socially beneficial if the amount of bad and good news can be set at a balanced level, as this makes sure the public opinion is optimistic.

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